Fully integrated Quantum Computing SOC based on hybrid silicon qubit design


Fully depleted Silicon on isolater qubit stucture

Based on Global Foundries FDX-22nn FD-SOI process equal1.labs has developed a propertary design of a qubit structure that allows the integration of high density quantum gates with the necessary quantum state control electronics and quantum state detectors within the same silicon die.


Fully integrated system on a chip for quantum computing

the high speed capabilty of the 22nm fully depleted SOI technology allows to realize all components needed for quantum state control and detection:

-150 psec pulse with 8 bit 200uV resolution CDAC with just 60 uW power consumption

-1.5 nsec sampling time single electron correlated double sampler detector

-on chip 6 GHz pulse generator with on chip 1kx64bit pulse train memory and 400 MS/sec 8bit with external interface

The full chip consumes under 10 mW while operating at 6GHz clock rate.


Hot qubit system integration for Compact quantum computers

Integrating the 143 pin flip-chip into our custom cryocooler system is compact and power efficient. 


2D quantum gate operation with Ancillary function

Our structure allows us to integrate 2D arrays of quantum gates forming a universal quantum gate function. Our next test chip will integarte 424 qubits into a controllable quantum gate matrix allowing efficient implementations with C3NOT arrays with adjustable connectivity.