Fully integrated Quantum Computing SOC based on hybrid silicon qubit design

About Us

Silicon Valley Start-Up with an Irish Wing

equal1.labs has been developing silicon based quantum computer technology since 2017 in collaboration with the University College Dublin. We have our hardware development labratories in Fremont California and our silicon design center at NovaUCD in Dublin, Ireland.

Hot qubit technology enables highest on chip integration for compact quantum computer design with large number of qubits.

Our hybrid charge/spin qubit technolgy is focused on moderate cryogenic cooling levels to enable 4K operating temperature. This means that the coherence time is traded for fast spin flip times and high speed on chip quantum state control and detection. Our latest chip alpha 2 features 424 qubits running at 150 spin flip time with 50 nsec coherence time running of 10mW of power consumption.

On the mission to build the world's first desktop quantum computer

Our unique qubit design and system integration strategy allows to target the realization of a desktop size Quantum Computer bringing a quantum leap in processing capability to your work group soon.